According to Harrison, the project, 'You Are What You Eat' comments on the glamorisation of junk food in advertising. Each image includes a sculpture of a part of the body made of a food that negatively impacts it. This, paired with the surgical context the sculptures are placed in, shows the harsh reality of 'You are What You Eat'.

Northern Irish photographer, Zoe Harrison, creates images as a way to help (both herself and others) understand issues where words seem to fail. Often deriving from personal experiences, her work gently invites the viewer to immerse themselves in a story in order to bring them closer to a larger narrative: from the moral issues surrounding advertising; the intricacies of navigating a relationship in the digital age; to violent conflict within a community.

Since graduating from Falmouth University in 2018, Harrison now lives and works in East London as a photographer in a branding agency.

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