Designed by Rupert Phillips, 2018

Designed by Rupert Phillips, 2018

SOBER. is an interdisciplinary art magazine. We like triple-flavoured ice cream, we have one hand in every genre, and we love the unpredictable. 

SOBER. defines 'interdisciplinary' as a marriage of different art practices that when combined, produce new and interesting facets to a subject matter the work is exploring. The work within SOBER. magazine does not stand alone in practice or genre. 

We accept work that embodies two or more of the following: illustration, photography, film, gifs, graphic design, drawing, fine art, poetry, short prose or flash fiction, non-fiction, essays, sound poetry, and music. 

We are accepting work for ISSUE TWO from 7TH MAY - 7TH JULY 2018. We have no theme this time around, so go bloody wild. 

  • Please submit no more than 3 pieces of work. We accept jpegs, gifs, word documents, PDFs and mp3s. If you're submitting videos or films to us, please send them as a link from either Youtube or Vimeo.
  • Send visual art in the highest possible resolution.
  • Please put your name, the title of the piece, and place SOBER. SUBMISSION in your email subject, like so: YOUR NAME // TITLE OF PIECE // SOBER. SUBMISSION
  • Please also send a short biography (no more than 100 words) along with your work in the body of the email, this can include places you've previously been published in, where you're from, what you do.
  • Simultaneous submissions are considered, but you MUST notify us if your work is accepted elsewhere first. 
  • Send all submissions to sobermagazine@gmail.com

Unfortunately we are unable to pay contributors for the time being as SOBER. is still a new and ever-developing zine. We have plans as we expand to change this someday, but for now know that as a contributor we will do our best to network and share your work beyond SOBER. and endeavour to get you seen and heard. 

We reserve first publication rights for 30 days after issue publication. This means that your work is still yours, but you can't have it reprinted anywhere else until those 30 days have passed. After that, you are free to submit the same work elsewhere, but please acknowledge us if you do reprint your work in another magazine or platform.

We look forward to checking your work out.