wale ayinla

'little boys are large exit doors' // 'departure' // 'things that come with your shadow'

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things that come with your shadow

things that come with your
shadow are your aunt’s gibberish;

your friends desert; a curvilinear
of rivers down your face; your mother’s

care; the songs of your father’s absence;
a dirge in the cloud; the empty rooms;

the paradox in your living; the hope
of heaven; the salvation; the comfort

on your shoulders; the full moon in your
smiles; the crown on your head.

Wale Ayinla is a 20-year-old Nigerian interdisciplinary writer who writes from the ancient city of Abeokuta. His works appear or are forthcoming on Takahe, 20.35 Anthology of New African Poets, The Rising Phoenix, Expound, Prachya, Dwarts, and elsewhere. He is @Wale_Ayinla on Twitter and Instagram.