Marlena describes herself as a visual hoarder. In general her creativity is fuelled by the sensory input she gets accustomed to either willingly or by accident. Hence keeping sensory overload at bay, she utilises this input and through various mediums (whichever one is most intriguing at that specific moment) creates her perceived conclusions, referring to  it as ‘sustaining mental hygiene’.
As an individual, Marlena feels quite off-beat with the pace that her surroundings offer her. Her rhythm both in general and as a creative is rather impulsive and spontaneous; stagnancy ceases her to get creative so instead, she chooses to enjoy—without fearing struggle—the various contrasts of her rhythm colliding with the one she is surrounded by.

Marlena’s submitted works are a warped depiction in which she has tried to visualize her most familiar three main ‘rhythms’ of her inner atmospheres which she experiences in her daily life; doing so by morphing her ‘self-portraits’ to somewhat give the viewer perhaps a catharsis of sort. The project was driven by her curiosity to see how people would react, interpret and whether or not they could relate to the depictions and if so, how and why…?

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