This project questioned London’s multiplicity, to grasp its faceted self. Lemonot investigates traditional markets - emblematic places of accumulation - to craft composite masks. They then dissected urban characters and re-composed spatial fragments - to construct Antropotypes, within a collective architectural piéce.

Lemonot is a design and research platform, founded by Sabrina Morreale and Lorenzo Perri. Fluctuating among London, Bangkok, La Paz and Italy - they investigate architectural production and its implications on other disciplines.

Sabrina is an Architect and Illustrator based between Bangkok and London. She has taught in London and Cambridge, while collaborating with various magazines (Rivista Studio, Cartha, Elle) as an illustrator and with the RIBA as a curator assistant. Her projects have always been related to the idea of fragmentation, using different media, enhancing the process of how things are made and assembled together. She constantly works with model making - experimenting through casting, weaving and different fabrication techniques.

Lorenzo graduated with Honours from the Architectural Association in 2016. He has taught as a consultant for Intermediate 7 and Diploma 8 at the Architectural Association, while participating to several competition with international firms (Amid.Cero9, Elemental). He is the co-founder of the research-based Plakat Platform and architectural practice Ecòl. Obsessed with geometry and aesthetics, precision and expression, before architecture he studied engineering and classical piano.

Through Lemonot, they nurture an enthusiastic post-baroque approach to the world that surrounds us, looking for updated synthesis between abstract and figurative instances. Compulsive collectors and hungry observers of human mirabilia - they use Architecture as a methodology to reach different outcomes: from toys to pastry tools, from tattoos to story-telling.

Programme Heads of the AA Visiting School El Alto, their academic activity focuses on contemporary folklore and cultural assemblages.
They have been teaching at the AA Summer School since 2016, exploring gifs, filming and kitbashing techniques, They are now Adjunct Professors at INDA, International Program in Design and Architecture in Bangkok.