In 'Century', James Belflower replaces the photos and redacts the text from David Hicks seminal interior design book, On Bathrooms (1970)Part commentary on the trash aesthetics of the century itself, and part meditation on the influences of site specific materiality on art, Century rethinks the toilet, from its entrance into the art gallery through Marcel Duchamp's Fountain, to the present. 

James Belflower’s critical and poetic projects cultivate new forms of agency by investigating how we share sensory entanglements with our material world. He is the coauthor of the multimedia project Canyons (Flimb Press 2016) with Matthew Klane, The Posture of Contour (Spring Gun Press 2013), Commuter (Instance Press 2009), and Bird Leaves the Cornice, winner of the 2011 Spring Gun Press Chapbook Prize. His poems, essays, and visual art appear, or are forthcoming in: AufgabeFenceNew American Writing1913, and Drunken Boat, among others. He designs and edits digital books at Fence Digital, the electronic imprint of Fence Books.

More of James can be found at his website.